Federal Way Pediatric Associates

Federal Way Pediatric Associates is partnering with its pediatric patients in WA and their families to provide accurate treatment and preventative care. Our staff of medical professionals is experienced in family medicine that can provide quality care to your infant, child, or adolescent. We are motivated enough to provide quality care no matter what time of day. The staff at Federal Way Pediatric Associates in Washington, is full of exceptional medical professionals and is equipped with the latest technologies, making Pediatric Specialty Practices as the best choice for your child’s health.

We are proud to have highly educated professionals as pediatricians with rigorous academic and clinical training in Pediatrics. It is our forte to uphold the highest level of expertise. To provide the most up-to-date care for the young patients we are privileged to serve through the continuous learning process. Our pediatricians pride themselves on making pediatric care a pleasant experience for our pediatric patients

Why Choose Us?
  • Trusted Medical Facility

    We have achieved the trust of clients and named as a trusted medical facility for several years now and continue to treat our youngest patients with kindness and love while they receive treatment.

  • Qualified & Experienced Staff

    Our staff consists of brilliant pediatricians and a pediatric cardiologist, who can treat infants, children, and teenagers with proper care.

  • Caring & Compassionate Environment

    At Federal Way Pediatric Associates, we treat our pediatric patients with great care. Our team of professional and experienced pediatricians makes sure to thoroughly understand each child’s needs when they visit us here.

Everything You Need

At Federal Way Pediatric Associates, we have a team of qualified and compassionate pediatricians. Our knowledgeable and nurturing staff members do their best to treat each pediatric patient.


Federal Way Pediatric Associates,32124 1st Ave S, ste # 100

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Phone: (253) 661 5939
fax: (253) 661 5929

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we treat our pediatric patients with great care.

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